• Amaryllis

It's official!

Our beloved Hazel officially bought our WIX subscription for the year, meaning I finally get to start working on this! Having a tumblr was a little difficult because I couldn't mold it exactly how I wanted - but now I'll be able to completely mold this site to how I want - to perfectly match the Grave Girls!

In my spare time, I will be adding to and updating the site - trying to add stuff to this blog as much as I can. I'll add polls and art and so many things!

I'm so excited, and I hope you all will stay with us for the updates and overhaul!


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Hey guys, Amaryllis here. I decided that with the new year, we need a new website, so I figured I'd give WIX a try. Everything is a work in progress, so please bear with me while I work on everything!

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